Guide way to the Future


KF Inc. proposes a guideway transportation system that is cost effective and versatile. It can be used for high-speed rapid transit across the United States. The Guideway can transport people in rental or private vehicles with on and off ramps. It is quiet and safe using maglev and gyroscope technologies coupled with self-driving instrumentation.


Guideway to the Future is our destiny to our freedom, prosperity and quality of life. It can become a viable, flexible, universal, efficient and cost effective solution to traffic congestion relief in the 21 st century if the Government implements a National Guideway Act similar to the Interstate Highway System legislation. The Guideway to the Future experience is nothing short of revolutionary. It is a dedicated high technology smart road allowing autonomous cars to travel faster, quieter and safer than ever before.


Kevin Fennimore is an estimating consultant in the construction industry with around 50 years experience. Kevin has researched, estimated and constructed various civil engineering and building projects throughout his career. He is Fellow Certified Professional Estimator with the American Society of Professional Estimators.

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